Interested in joining our team?

At Nemesys, we are always on the lookout for skilled Automation System Engineers to join our growing team. We pride ourselves on offering a positive and friendly work environment, and seek committed team members who are focused on being the best in the field.

You could become an expert in the Nemesys way if you:

  • Have industry experience in automation
  • Have electrical qualifications
  • Are experienced in SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition)
  • Have a clean and current driver's licence
  • Prepared to commit 110% to Nemesys's customers
  • Are keen to listen and learn  

Think you have what it takes? Please get in touch to discuss potential job opportunities.

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Message Sent

Ashley shares his experience

Senior Automation Engineer Ashley Bowen has been with Nemesys for almost 6 years now. We asked him a few questions about what makes Nemesys a place he loves working at.

Q.  What appealed to you about Nemesys initially (before joining)?
The reputation that Nemesys carried was always positive, which was backed up by several customers and other engineers that I talked to before joining.

Q.  Upon starting, what were your first impressions, did anything stand out or surprise you?
A.  The level of support and teamwork was amazing. I felt that I always had the ability to ask for help at any time of the day or night, and one of the team would step up to work through a problem with me. That is true even to this day.

Q. How has Nemesys changed since you started?
A.  As we are growing, we are putting the time in to ensure the culture stays positive and engaging. I like the fact that Rex and the management team are transparent about the direction of the company and value the input of all employees.

Q. Where do you see yourself in another 6 years’ time?
A.  I can see myself continually upskilling at Nemesys, becoming more senior and leading bigger projects as we take on more staff.

Q. What do you see as the main benefits of working at Nemesys?
A.  The staff culture and teamwork are unlike any other company I have been at. Every person is valued and included. There are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself and upskill with the support of the management and engineers.

We are incredibly lucky to have someone like Ashley as part of our growing team. To hear his thoughts on where we are heading and how he wants to be a major part of that is a testament to our strong values. We love having a team of hard workers who enjoy each others' company and can enjoy balance in their working and personal lives, and Ashley embodies that. He is a core member of our team and will continue to be for years to come.

Our summer with Megan...

Let us introduce Megan van Zyl who we were lucky enough to have working with us over the summer. We met back up with Megan to see how her year has progressed and what insights she could share about her experience with us.

Q.  What did you like the most about working with us here at Nemesys?
A.  I really enjoyed working with the people at Nemesys, it truly is a team.  Everyone seemed to be  focused on a common goal despite working on different projects.  The workspace was extremely easy to adapt to. Being in an open office, surrounded by people who wanted to help me learn and being a part of the collaboration to help solve engineering issues was inspiring. There seems to be a specific energy in the office, it makes for a great team dynamic. I liked the mix of social gathering, weekly gym sessions and after work catchups.

Q.  Comparing to other places you have worked, what was different?
A.  Everyone is ‘spirited’. They all seem to really enjoy what they do. The team here took me under their wing and were always happy to help with any questions I had.  It felt like true mentorship. The work I did was industry specific. I got a taste of everything and even got to go out to a customers’ site to install the systems I helped to build.  It gave my experience here a “real life” context and helped me better understand how all the “building blocks” I built in the office environment would then be deployed in the factory.

Q. What was something you learnt that was unexpected?
A.  Transferable skills. I learnt a lot about soft skills (people, communication, and attitude) and how equally important they are as hard skills (technical knowledge and abilities). I learnt a lot about what it takes to work in this industry, namely communication skills, critical thinking, and attention to detail. Knowing how to keep yourself accountable and pushing your limits to go above and beyond what you could have expected for yourself.

We were very humbled and yet proud of our team with Megan’s kind words.  For us, this means we are living our values = success you can’t measure.  Megan is definitely someone we would hire in a heartbeat, not only is she a very intelligent young lady, but has great work ethic and shows all the values that mean so much to us here at Nemesys.