Nemesys were contracted to supply Automation resources by Fonterra to develop Level 2 Grafcet FDs, develop PLC and HMI systems

These process changes required modifications to the existing PCS software and physical installations.

WPC Process Plant Changes include the following plant items:

  • Removal of existing and installation of new Retentate Tanks and Valves
  • Installation of one new Organic Retentate Tank, valves, valve manifold and 3 pumps.
  • Removal of four existing Clarifiers and installation of one new Clarifier
  • Installation of flow control using a new VSD for the Whey Clarifier Balance Tank
  • Upgrade of the thermaliser for improved performance.
  • Removal of twelve existing flow restriction solenoid valves and installation of new pressure controls using new pressure transmitters and new VSDs on the loop pumps.
  • Installation of a Filtech UV Treatment plant on the diafiltration water supply to UFA and UFB

Technology used:

  • Wonderware Intouch (HMI)
  • Schneider Quantum PLCs
  • Schneider Quantum and X80 remote IO
  • Schneider Process Drives

IO count: 1000