Nemesys were contracted to supply Automation resources by Tetra Pak to develop Level 2 Grafcet FDs, develop PLC and HMI systems that integrate with the new TetraPak Product Chiller Systems, FOSS, Filler systems. The work undertaken would give the plant:

  • The ability to process Frozen Wholemilk Concentrate alongside Mascarpone and other products on the same line.
  • Allow inline standardising for better fat, protein and total solids control while the plant is running.
  • An upgraded conveyor system.
  • A new integrated Filler. 

Technology used:

  • Control Logix Process PLCs
  • SICK Flexisoft Safety PLC
  • Factory Talk View SE HMI
  • ABB ACS Drives
  • Flex IO/Point IO Racks

IO count: 500