What our customers are saying.....

Strategic Operational Technology Manager - Christi Das Devathala

“I have been really impressed to hear from my Plant Manager of Nemesys’ engineer Shaun’s attitude and efforts.  It sounds like his communication at our morning meetings was detailed and professional. Always helpful, ensuring that he involved the plant staff when addressing any concerns within the tasks allocated which gave us, as the customer, confidence where Nemesys was tracking”.

Control Services Ltd - Phil Hopkins - Engineer

“I had a great experience working with your engineer Carl on our recent project. Nothing was ever too much of a problem and he ensured we got the results we needed. I also found Tony and Mel to be helpful and professional. You have built a really good team and I bet you are proud of that!"

Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited - Riki Te Wharau Control Systems Manager – Consumer & Food Service

"The team at Nemesys understand our asset leadership strategy, which focuses largely on supportability and lifecycle management across our control systems. Strong collaboration has successfully delivered two recent projects with demanding deadlines, in our FMCG business, which enable our hardware rationalisation ambition. We have a trusted relationship with Nemesys and look forward to working together again in the future". 

PDV Consultants - Gerard O'Connor - Managing Director

“We see Nemesys as innovative leaders in the industry and are a highly trusted automation integrator. They work collaboratively to find practical automation solutions and can be relied upon to deliver a successful outcome.” 

Kiwi Control Systems Ltd - Stefan Lipsey - Project Manager

"... all your guys are good guys. It's always a pleasure working alongside the Nemesys team". 

Synlait - Alan Jonkers – Automation Engineer   

“Communication was really good. Nemesys engineers completed tasks that were outside the scope but clearly needed to be done.”

GEA Electrical - Rohit Tetali - Automation Engineer 

“The highlight would be the flexibility of their staff and their versatility to the projects being done. Being in a position to make product and waiting for the Client (and not the other way around) is a good position to be in – thanks to the great automation engineers!”