Delivering quality automation processes you can trust

Whether your project is greenfield or brownfield, concept to commissioning or any phase of the control system project life cycle, our highly motivated team, with experience across many industries and platforms work with you and your team to ensure your project is completed to the highest level practicable. 

Functional description

We work with our customers to develop full detailed descriptions of the functional requirements of the process we are working with.

Software development

Our experienced process automation engineers develop software which is fully tested in conjunction with our customers to ensure that the full functional requirements are met. 

Control systems

From design, development and integration, our skilled team work with you every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly and will deliver the intended result.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Connect, monitor and control complex manufacturing systems and data flows from the production floor.

Our team of experienced MES engineers will work with you to fully integrate your control system and your ERP system, ensuring effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improving production output.

Project Management

We can handle automation projects from the initial concept through to completion.

We are able to manage all the contractors – mechanical, electrical, and automation staff and will make every effort to deliver the project on time and to the agreed specifications. 

Customers can expect clear communication and honest interaction throughout the entire project.

Standards Development

When considering the control system standard for your project, Nemesys can offer a number of PLC and HMI standards developed on various platforms or our team can work with you to develop a specific standard for you.

Machine Safety

At Nemesys we know that keeping your employees safe is the key to a healthy and productive workplace, we also know that safety needs to be functional and robust in order to maintain an efficient profitable business. That is why we use a collaborative big picture approach when completing your safety project. We complete the machine safety process to recognized New Zealand and international standards, such as AS/NZS 4024, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, IEC 61508, utilizing TÜV certified Engineers.
The services we offer include but are not limited to:
Quantified Risk Assessments including recommendations
Safety System Specification and Design
Safety System Implementation
Safety System Integration
Safety System Verification and Validation
Consultation and Education on Machine Safety and the Machine Safety Process


To understand what is happening on your production floor and improve the performance you need meaningful and timely information and data. Nemesys understands this and will work with you to capture machine and operator information to generate meaningful performance reports.


We provide full training to operators and maintenance staff so that they can operate and maintain the automated process confidently and competently.

24/7 Support

Our support service provides you with access to our on-call engineers who will work to get your plant back into production as quickly as possible. We will then follow up with a call out report detailing the issue, possible root cause and where possible a suggested fix to prevent the issue occurring again.