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We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that are going stand the test of time and offer complete peace of mind. Our skilled team are on call throughout the entire process and ensure the job is finished to the highest possible standards.

Fonterra Te Rapa

Cream Cheese Plant New Product Stream   

Fonterra’s Te Rapa Cream Cheese Plant underwent an expansion to meet growing demand for frozen whole milk concentrate.

Nemesys were contracted to supply Automation resources by Tetra Pak to develop Level 2 Grafcet FDs, develop PLC and HMI systems that integrate with the new TetraPak Product Chiller Systems, FOSS, Filler systems. 

This will increase plant capacity from 30,000 tonnes to 33,500t per year, as well as make the plant capable of manufacturing five kilogram blocks on top of 20kg blocks being produced.

OCD - Awarua Southland

 AMF Plant Automation

Nemesys was contracted for the automation of the entire AMF plant including the coding/commissioning of the following:

  • AMF Separation and Concentration

  • Interfacing with existing plant control systems 

  • Stockfood loadout to tanker

  • AMF Filling and Drumming Process and Safety

Automation Platforms:

  • Wonderware Intouch

  • Schneider M580 PLC's

  • Schneider Advantys Remote IO

  • Schneider Control Expert 

  • SICK Flexisoft Safety PLC 

  • Schneider Process Drives 

Synlait Dunsandel

Lactoferrin Plant Expansion 

Synlait Milk doubled its lactoferrin manufacturing capacity at Synlait Dunsandel, for the first time, in the October 2018 to June 2019 season.

Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein recognised for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a naturally occurring milk protein, it is commonly used in infant formula products throughout the world.

Synlait observed in its interim results for the financial year that a demand and supply imbalance was driving global strengthening of lactoferrin prices. Demand was being driven by increasing use of lactoferrin in infant formula, particularly in China.

Natural Brew NZ

SmartBrew Automation

BrewMaster - Brian Watson - one of the world's most celebrated BrewMasters contracted Nemesys to develop a system to automate craft beer production in literally any style. 

SmartBrew, is the most intelligent brewing system on the market and uses the appropriate High Gravity Wort streams, yeast, and dry-hops within a fully automated system to create a unique Brand of craft beer brewed fresh in stand-alone breweries.

Technology used:

  • Automation Direct PAC 3000

  • Cmore HMI Panels

  • Automation Direct Drives

Fonterra Hautapu

WPC Plant Capacity Project

Fonterra Hautapu Plant underwent major process changes to increase the WPC production capacity.

Nemesys were contracted to supply Automation resources to Fonterra for the development of Level 2 Grafcet FDs, PLC software and HMI systems.

These process changes required modifications to the existing PCS software and physical installations.

Technology used:

  • Wonderware Intouch (HMI)

  • Schneider Quantum PLCs

  • Schneider Quantum and X80 remote IO

  • Schneider Process Drives

OCD Horotiu

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The country's second largest dairy processor is building the factory at Horotiu, near Affco's meat processing plant.  

The new plant is expected to give OCD more flexibility in its product mix. Primarily a cheese producer, OCD also makes whole milk powder, whey protein concentrate and anhydrous milk fat for export.

Automation Platforms:

  • Schneider M340 PLC

  • Schneider Advantys Remote IO

  • Schneider Process Drives

  • Wonderware Intouch 

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